Dear Dr. Sam:

Thank you...., thank you, thank you ! ...Not only does your band have great musical talent, you have a message that is key to the healthcare industry... We look forward to booking you again and again.
- Total Event Resources

You are truly wonderful ! .. Your performance at the Annual Meeting of the Escambia County Medical Society.. surpassed our greatest expectations. I wasn't the only one who couldn't keep my feet still. On top of giving a great performance, you are a pleasure to work with.
- Sandra S. deChamplain, Executive Director, Escambia County Medical Society

I am writing to thank you again for being our entertainment at the Placer-Nevada Medical Society's annual meeting. I can't tell you how many members have said that it was the best meeting ever - because of you! Your PowerPoint presentation before the music was extremely funny and covered topics touchy to us all: malpractice threats, insurance denials, weird patients, and declining incomes all around. Your music was not only great but also funny as well. I have never been asked, in 30 years of organizing meetings, to have the same speaker come back the next year but a number of members asked for just that: you again! No one wanted it to end.
-- Haines Ely, Placer Nevada County Medical Society

You were great ! The entertainment provided by you and your talented group for our dinner was fantastic. I've never seen so much audience enthusiasm and enjoyment, and the turn-out was the largest ever for such a function in the Southern Section's history. The only disappointment was that it had to end (but the CDs will bring back memories)... I would highly recommend your brand of entertainment for any medical gathering...
- Richard L. Mabry, MD, VP Southern Section, American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society

What fun ! We're still laughing-and the CDs continue to fly out the door. (1) delight in basking in the glory of statements such as this that were scribbled across evaluation forms: 'One of the best May Day Clinics ever!
- Elizabeth Cory and Betty Noegel, OSF / St. Anthony Medical Center Rockford, IL

-Judging from the hysterical laughter heard throughout the course of the evening, from your dramatic entrance to the lyrical parodies, a good time was had by all. The professionalism of the band members and the wonderful stage presence and entertainment made it a night to remember. ..I should mention that several convention speakers present at the event vowed to return to their parts of the world with recommendations to other professional organizations to make sure to book .
-- Karen M. Karban, RHIT,CCS, Arizona Health Information Management Association

Thank you so much for making our event such a success. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and raved about your performance.
-- Molly Kranys, Physicians Protective Trust Fund

Your band exceeded our expectations and provided a very lively night of laughs, spirited fun and dancing. Everyone enjoyed the evening and we look forward to working with you again.
-- Sharon Ricciardi, Hewlett-Packard Co.

Everyone loved the music and especially enjoyed your unique views of healthcare today. In addition to being the "right stuff" for our sales meeting, it was also great music. We were very impressed at how well the band performed not only your original songs but also standard hits from the past. I received positive comments throughout the week about that night which helped make the 1998 meeting one of our best.
-- Michael C. Taricani, Fuji Medical Systems

Without exception, everyone in the audience had a great time. Your entertainment certainly added greatly to out leadership conference.
-- Barbara C. Gordesky, Mission St Joseph Health System Ashville, NC

It is rare that the majority of our Annual Meeting attendees and guests attend the Thursday evening entertainment; however your performance was an exception to the rule. Your music and lyrics kept our members entertained and in stitches for hours! Thank you for your performance as well as your contribution to the success of our meeting.
-- Steven I Summer, President, West Virginia Hospital Association

Nearly 450 orthopaedic administrators, guests and conference sponsors laughed and danced to an evening of healthcare satire, political musings and great music...The musical talent of the entire band was superb. Within 30 minutes, otherwise exasperated workaholic administrators were up and dancing. If laughter is truly the best medicine, Dr. Sam administers a healthy dose to those in need.
-- Heidi A Modrzakowski, Harbour Your Bones

..the music was great ... our physicians had a great time, We'd recommend you to other organizations any time.
-- Beverly Murphy, Polk County Medical Association Winter Haven, FL

Thanks again for Saturday night. Feedback from the physicians was very favorable. By all means, use us as a reference with other prospective clients. As far as a quote, "" was a hit with our Medical Staff. The band provided great music and great fun. Best wishes.
-- Thomas J. Rice, FACHE CEO Fawcett Memorial Hospital, Port Charlotte, Fl.

My sincere thanks to you and the members of the Managed Care Blues Band" for {another} wonderful evening of entertainment you provided at the President's Banquet of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy. Having had the privilege of working with you and hearing you perform at the Southern Section Triological Society meeting for which I was responsible a few years ago, your group was my absolute first choice to entertain during my 'special' evening as AAOA President. And you didn't disappoint.

Your music kept everyone's toes tapping, your lyrics brought smiles and belly laughs, and the entertainment remained 'family' despite the adult audience. Thank you for sharing your gift of entertainment with us. Keep up the good work.
--Richard L Mabry, MD, President, American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy